Wrap-Around Plate Dehumidifying Coils



MSP Wrap-Around Plate Dehumidifier Coil combines our patented Multiple Small Plate Technology with cooling coils to create a range of super-efficient, dehumidification solutions. Capacities are available from 200 to 24,000 CFM.

MSP Dehumidifying Coil Benefits

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Low pressure drop & high efficiency
  • Lower capital costs—fast ROI
  • Versatile dimensions and airflow configurations
  • Compact, packaged units
  • Engineered for high performance, guaranteed

The MSP Wrap-Around Plate Dehumidifying Coil is designed to deliver as low as 38° F dew point, and is capable of converting more than 90% of the cooling energy to latent heat energy. Designed specifically for application in MSP air handling equipment, the compact MSP Wrap-Around Plate Dehumidifying Coil is engineered for high performance, guaranteed. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective solution to the problems associated with combining air-to-air plate heat exchangers and cooling coils for dehumidification.