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MSP® Dehumidification Technology has been providing humidity control solutions, for a wide range of applications for more than 20 years. The rapid growth of Medical Marijuana has opened a new opportunity for growers to take advantage of the superior efficiency offered by MSP Technology in this application.

Air Conditioning systems do not perform in the growing environment because the humidity loads are simply too great.  They are capable of controlling temperature in a growing environment, but not humidity.

Traditional Dehumidification systems have high operating cost.  Although Hot Gas reheat from the refrigeration plant is free, these systems offer no precooling, therefore a larger refrigeration system is needed.


Cannabis Climate Solutions (CCS) Dehumidifier, with MSP Technology, delivers low operating Cost, and this is critical in a 24-7 operation with high humidity loads. CCS dehumidifiers work in harmony with traditional cooling equipment; CCS responds to room humidity, while a room thermostat controls cooling and heating. The functions are separated and neither can overpower the other. CCS does 80% dehumidification and 20% cooling, while air conditioning does 80% cooling and 20% dehumidification.

Cost Savings are significant: For example, lets assume irrigation of 1,000 gallons/day (8,340 lbs./day), and an operating environment of 80 degrees F and 60% Relative humidity. Traditional dehumidification with hot gas reheat requires about 450,000 kWh annually to condense 1,000 gallons/day. On the other hand, CCS dehumidification, with MSP Technology, consumes about 250,000 kWh, operating in the same conditions, and recyclying nearly 100% of the condensesed water for irrigation.