Refrigerant (DX) Dehumidifiers

MSP Technology offers the highest efficiency dehumidication systems available, using up to 60% less compressor power.

Refrigerant (DX) Dehumidifiers


  • Pre-cooling increases efficiency by up to 60%
  • Built-in Reheat energy source

Our unique design offers high efficiency by pre-cooling the air stream so that the air temperature is significantly reduced before reaching the cooling coil. In high humidity conditions, the air is initially dehumidified within the heat exchanger plates before entering the cooling coil.

Additionally, the MSP design uses the air airstream itself as the reheat source and therefore does not require an external reheat energy source. Other solutions typically rely on compressor hot gas reheat and which introduces additional complexity and inefficiencies. (White paper link)

DX Dehumidification Key Benefits & Features

  • Options for fully packaged or split configurations
  • Most efficient dehumidification systems available on the market in terms of BTUs per pound of moisture removal
  • Split Unit Uses traditional “off-the-shelf” condensing units
  • Indoor, Roof or Ground level installations
  • Chilled Water, Air Cooled or Water Cooled refrigeration system
  • Optional Packaged Self Contained Air cooled unit using an exhaust air stream for the condenser.
  • Free pre-cooling and re-heating result in up to 60% energy reduction and compelling ROI
  • Patented super-efficient MSP® technology saves space, simplifies rooftop, ground level or indoor installation
  • Prevents mold and other bio-contaminants that thrive on excessive humidity
  • Options available for any application
  • Capacities from 500 to 25,000 CFM and up