Meeting Tough Demands

MSP®Technology has answered these demands with our simple yet highly efficient MSP® dehumidification technology that employs no moving parts in the air stream. Our energy efficiency beats that of both desiccant wheel and heat-pipe technology, through the use of patented Multiple Small Plate design. In addition, desiccant wheels are subject to breakdown and heat-pipe efficiency degrades significantly with lower temperature differences. MSP® heat transfer performance remains consistent, and significantly higher than that of heat-pipe technology (over 80% for MSP, vs. Below 40% of heat-pipe). Environments requiring precise temperature control can also benefit by using a dehumidification system by removing the latent load from ventilation air. The sensible temperature control coils can then operate much more predictably, not being subject to wide variations in sensible load due to outside air humidity.

Pharmaceutical Facilities With long operating hours, large outdoor air volume requirements, and air handling system reliability of primary concern, pharmaceutical applications are best addressed using MSP Dehumidification equipment.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Reliable Simple Technology, No Moving Parts, Low Maintenance
  • Performs Delivers consistent low dew-point temperatures
  • Sanitary Full Draining, No Standing Water
  • Efficient Cuts dehumidification operating costs by up to 50%
  • Fast ROI Lower capital costs, Competitively priced
  • Versatile Chilled Water and Refrigerant units
  • Advanced Single unit provides dehumidification, sensible cooling, heating and ventilation air
  • Flexible Horizontal, Vertical and Modular configurations for uses with space or access issues
  • Cutting-Edge Control Systems