Indoor Swimming Pools

Creating An Ideal Environment For Indoor Swimming Pools

High humidity makes an indoor swimming pool the perfect environment for problems: mold, mildew, humidity-induced corrosion. The solution: a super-efficient MSP dehumidification unit with Multiple Small Plate (MSP®) technology. Additionally, the MSP’s Natatorium Units may be used to provide super-efficient pool water heating. The results are immediate energy savings, improved environmental health profile, and reduced structural corrosion.

Key Benefits & Features

  • High efficiency technology cuts cooling, heating and dehumidifying costs
  • Proven energy conservation in years of continuous 24/7 operation
  • Single unit provides dehumidification, with optional sensible cooling, heating and ventilation
  • Horizontal and vertical unit configuration
  • Option of coupling the dehumidification system for water-cooled condensing section, to provide super-efficient water heating
  • The simple refrigeration system has fewer components — less chance of breakdown
  • Standard models from 10 to 175 lb/hr— larger models also available