Chilled Water Solution


MSP Technology offers a superior solution when chilled water is the desired source for dehumidification.

What makes the MSP chilled water solution unique?

  • Pre-cooling lowers energy consumption by up to 60%
  • Achieves low dew point with close approach temperature (CW Temp – DP Temp)
  • “Free” Reheat energy source

MSP® Technology offers a unique pre-cooling design that allows us to achieve lower dew points required for efficient dehumidification, using an available chilled water source.

The MSP design uses the air airstream itself as the source for reheating and pre-cooling and therefore does not require an additional reheat energy source. Other solutions typically rely on compressor hot gas reheat or they must introduce an external reheat source when no compressor hot gas reheat is available.

Chilled Water Dehumidification Key Benefits & Features

  • Most efficient dehumidification systems available in terms of BTUs per pound of moisture removal
  • Simplified solution, eliminating compressors and condenser and refrigeration components
  • Solid state design with No Moving Parts.
  • Free pre-cooling and re-heating result in up to 60% energy reduction and compelling ROI
  • Super-efficient MSP® technology saves space, simplifies rooftop, ground level or indoor installation
  • Prevents mold spores and other bio-contaminants that thrive in excessive humidity
  • Options available for any application
  • Capacities from 250 to 25,000 CFM and up