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Cannabis Climate Solution Dehumidifier with MSP® Technology is the Premier Dehumidification Solution for Medical Marijuana Growing Facilities

Controls Humidity, Temperature, CO₂, Lighting and  Recycles Water For Irrigation

MSP® Technology provides an ideal plant growing environment because it is capable of controlling CO2, Temperature and Humidity, while also furnishing free water for irrigation. MSP® can significantly lower grow house operating costs while increasing efficiency.


  • Control Humidity: Control humidity in any mixture of outdoor and recirculated air
  • Control CO2: Regulate outdoor air in response to room CO2 levels.
  • Recycle H2O: Cuts irrigation water cost. Uses condensed water for irrigation.
  • Reliable: Simple technology, no moving parts, low maintenance
  • High Performance: Pre-cools incoming air, dramatically reducing cost.
  • Sanitary: Full Draining, no standing water
  • Fast return on investment: Lower capital costs, competitively priced

a2ae2ef328d3dd503c9ab6e8b07327d2Cannabis Climate Solutions Dehumidifier, with MSP® Technology, using either chilled water or refrigerant . Direct drive plenum fans have automatic or manual speed control.