About Us


MSP Technology.com, (MSP) offers a wide range of energy recovery technology components which incorporate our patented “Multiple Small Plate” design for dehumidification and energy recovery. The energy recovery components are used in commercial Dehumidifiers, industrial Dehumidifiers, custom Dehumidifiers and energy recovery technology products manufactured by MSP Technology.

The MSP Dehumidifying coil is the simplest Energy Recovery Technology. The MSP Dehumidifying coil is a cost-effective solution for combining air-to-air plate heat exchangers and cooling coils for dehumidification.


About the Company

MSP Technology was launched in 2001 by Walter Stark, who had developed groundbreaking dehumidification technology funded by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). This was followed by the development of the patented MSP Dehumidification Coil; a revolutionary, yet very simple, form for applying small plate heat exchangers to the dehumidification and energy recovery process. MSP Technology products are used in commercial dehumidification and industrial dehumidification systems as well as commercial energy recovery and industrial energy recovery systems. MSP Technology components are specified by design engineers for use in air handling equipment manufactured by MSP and authorized OEM partners.

MSP Technology components are offered in a wide range of super-efficient, pre-engineered industrial grade dehumidification and energy recovery components. Designed specifically for simple application in green air handling systems, compact MSP Technology components is pre-engineered for high performance, guaranteed.